Our Journey

Welcome to Mak Media

"All That We Are Is A Result Of What Our Thought"

MAK Media & Entertainment was established at chennai in the year 2018. Our Founder, Manikandan has been a part of the media industry for almost a decade now, started as a Freelancer working on Celebrity management and as a PR(Public Relations) was approached by a number of Clients in and out of Industry to work for their Projects. Requests ranging from organizing an event, a shoot , Promoting a brand , Campaigning for Ads and various other projects. Mani, was then primarily focusing on PR and management, and decided to bring in all the elements of request under one roof. Eureka! MAK Media and Entertainment was born.

Inculcating the experiences gained through the enriched media lessons throughout the tenure until 2018, Mani also built in his own Production house gathering a number of talents across the country. Now, the house comprises of Directors, Script writers, Models, Actors, Make-up artists , Designers both Interior and Fashion and Digital Marketers.

There is no looking back ever since the establishment, the company has certainly grew as a community now where the clients turned as a family. We are truly grateful to the Clients who believed in us and our work.

We are proud that within a short span , MAK Media and Entertainment evolved to be a successful company aka a community attaining a niche for itself by not only Understanding the Client needs but also the client wants. Forever looking forward in Creating and delivering a hassle Free Projects.

Vision Of Mak Media

To foster in a number of young Talents and to build a community with them. We believe that Co-existence will garner success in the form of micro particles and help in improving the whole system Mak Media and Entertainment is a community that was not built in a day! Just like every other story be it a Success or Failure, it has crossed several Hardships through various phases. But what kept Mak Media going is the Vision. The Vision to build a community that sets example to the future gen that would aspire to build one.


We have always brought in the Talents to the Limelight by resourcing them at the right time for the right project. And that’s our key to Successful Projects. We would Love to have you with us. With Arms open to embrace you, we are ready to Welcome you in.

All you have to do is to follow the steps below: